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Trik Turner
Trik Turner
label: RCA
released: 02.26.02
our score: 2.0 out of 5.0

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Too Little Too Late
by: clint poole

The evolution of most musical genres doesn't have definitive dates and events as bookends (such as more monumental periods of social-history, like the Cold War) but it's becoming rather apparent that the rap-rock scene is slowly going the way of grunge, glamour rock, and hair bands. Still, for bands that have spent the past few years honing their rap-rock skills, the decline of mass acceptance won't stop them from trying to spread their brand of lyrical mastery over the airwaves. Such is the story for TrickTurner, who comes after LimpBizkit et al have exhausted our patience with this style, but who are staying true to their music.

TrickTurner's eponymous debut album could serve as a best-practices review of the rap-rock genre. Complete with a two-man MC front, self-serving lyrical homage to their chosen philosophies and lifestyle (see "Friends and Family"), and unhappy sub-urbanite themes (see "Father" and "Temptation"), the album serves as a concluding summary of the genre's existence. Complete with a cover of Onyx's NY rap anthem "Black Sheep", the album tries every lyrical trick and musical hook to remain relevant, but comes off as stale and overdone.

To the Arizona band's credit they remain dedicated to their style and honest in their approach. They unsuccessfully attempt to transcend the influence of their contemporaries, and the result is a mere revision of their peers' styles with some interesting lyrics woven through heavy grooves. But as the rap-rock movement slides by us, our patience for sub-urbanites from the dessert playing street-educated rappers from the city wears thin.
07-Nov-2002 3:15 PM

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1. Existence
2. Sacrifice
3. Friends and Family
4. Father
5. New York Groove
6. Temptation
7. Not Like You
8. Black Sheep
9. Triks of the Trade
10. Ish
11. Let It Rip
12. Outro