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Kill Bill vol. 1
Soundtrack from the Quentin Tarantino film
label: Maverick
released: 11.23.03
our score: 3.75 out of 5.0

download Kill Bill lyrics and sheet music
Full of Surprises
by: peter naldrett - uk correspondent

Quentin Tarantino makes a welcome return to cinemas via his hotly anticipated kung-fu exploitation film, Kill Bill. Starring Uma Thurman and David Carradine, Kill Bill is being tipped to match the brilliant standards already laid down his earlier works, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. But if you can’t wait until Kill Bill’s nationwide release, you will be able to slip into the mood by getting hold of the original soundtrack.

Music has always been an integral part of Tarantino’s movies, and Kill Bill’s musical gems will be as popular as the soundtrack’s to his previous cinematic outings. The range on the Kill Bill CD is huge and includes the likes of Nancy Sinatra’s "Bang Bang", Charlie Feathers with "That Certain Female" and even Wu Tang Clan rapper The RZA belting out "Ode to Oren Ishii". As well as the featured songs, there are also exchanges from the script to be heard and tracks which have already appeared in cult films and TV shows, such as the acclaimed Raymond Burr detective series Ironside.

There are few filmmakers who can utilise music as effortlessly and effectively as Tarantino. Just hark back to his debut which saw the notorious torture scene played out to Steeler’s Wheel’s "Stuck In The Middle With You" to create an incredible powerful cinematic moment. Kill Bill could indeed hold similar surprises and has a soundtrack to match.
17-Sep-2003 7:54 AM

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If you liked Kill Bill...

1. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Nancy Sinatra)
2. That Certain Female (Charlie Feathers)
3. The Grand Duel - (Part Prima) (Luis Bacalov)
4. Twisted Nerve (Bernard Herrmann)
5. Queen of the Crime Council (dialogue excerpt)
6. Ode to Oren Ishii (RZA)
7. Run Fay Run (Isaac Hayes)
8. Green Hornet (Al Hirt)
9. Battle Without Honor or Humanity (Tomoyasu Hotei)
10. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Santa Esmeralda)
11. Woo Hoo (The's)
12. Crane / White Lightning (RZA / Charles Bernstein)
13. The Flower of Carnage (Meiko Kaji)
14. The Lonely Shepherd (Zamfir)
15. You're My Wicked Liefe (dialogue excerpt)
16. Ironside (dialogue excerpt)
17. Super 16 (dialogue excerpt)
18. Uakuza Oren 1
19. Bannister Fight
20. Flip Sting
21. Sword Swings
22. Axe Throws