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Original Score
composer: edward shearmur
label: uni / decca
released: 10.23.01
our score: 3.5 out of 5.0

Simple Beauty
by: bill aicher

For a film about a (supposed) spaceman who's influence enchants those around him, thereby inspiring beauty, it only seems fitting to have a simple beautiful score to accompany the voyage. And this is exactly what composer Edward Shearmur has created for K-Pax.

To follow this new-agey story, Shearmur turned out a delightful set of sparse, yet atmospheric synthesized landscapes dotted with intimate piano melodies. The K-Pax score at times reminds us of Kevin Spacey's (who plays Prot, the lead in K-Pax) previous film American Beauty, as much of the piano themes come through as variations on Thomas Newman's score. Still, at other times Shearmur floats over into a more electronic ambiance, creating what at times sound like simplified versions of Moby's prettiest works.

The score to K-Pax isn't groundbreaking in any way, other than that it is simply beautiful. Yet unlike other scores, K-Pax lends itself to listens outside of the film - as beautiful background music, or just a way to wind down at the end of a long day.

If the music is any indicator, K-Pax will be a beautiful and inspirational film. And if not, we still have the music.

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