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Various Artists - Wicked City

by: tom reiter

Aren't soundtracks so great how you get the best of everything.  Granted, sometimes this isn't all so true, but I really think this is a fine soundtrack with a lot of good tracks on it.

  1. (I'm Just a) Kid in this Town - Sweet Diesel
  2. 5 Year Plan - H2O
  3. Locked Doors - Samsara
  4. Menace - Shades Apart
  5. Sacrifice - Orange 9MM
  6. Outgroup - Killing Time
  7. Fuck America - Choking Victim
  8. Step - Home 33
  9. So Far, So Good, So What - Civ
  10. Pogo the Clown - Demonspeed
  11. Vodka with Anything - Pry
  12. Wicked City - Samsara
  13. Doomsday - Mephiskaphales
  14. Spotted Horse - Moses
  15. Dress Up - Shift
  16. I Hate the Man - Sweet Diesel

In my opinion, Mephiskapheles' 'Doomsday' is the best track on there, but that could be because I just like them a lot.  I found myself having difficulties refraining myself from getting up out of my chair and skanking to this one.  I can honestly say that I found all the tracks to be good and cater to many of my various musical tastes.  I also really like H2O's '5 Year Plan'.  Its one of those songs that is ideal for singing long to with your friends in the car on the way to or from a show-- or at least thats the urge I get when listening to it.  Its starts out with the boys just singing before the music starts into a high energy song, making one want to get up and run around.  Both of the Samsara tracks ("Wicked City" and "locked Doors") have a more heavy sound to them, adding more variety to the album.

But overall I find this to be a fine CD and sincerely enjoy listening to it.  It has a nice variety of excellent music, yet nothing you will ever hear on a hits radio station, which is always a good quality.  It is definetly worth the $14 to go out and get it, so go get it.

Artist Various
Album Wicked City
Label Velvel
Date 07.14.98

4.0 out of 5.0