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label: Interscope
released: 04.02.02
our score: 3.5 out of 5.0

download Ashanti lyrics and sheet music
More Than Hooks and Looks
by: tom reiter

Ahsanti was introduced to the public long before the debut of her self-titled album singing hooks for notable artists Ja Rule, J. Lo, Big Pun, and Fat Joe. But now it's her turn to reap the benefits of her skills.

Ashanti is written to relate to situations the audience has experienced in the trials and tribulations of relationships. Smooth and relaxed, the entire album is very sexy and romantic. Fresh instrumentals and beats melt under Ashanti's voice, which is best described as a chocolatey, silky flowing river.

"Foolish" and "Happy" are two of the more upbeat tracks on the album. "Leaving" is a essentially a remix (and re-use) of Ja Rule's successful "Always On Time." The riffs and chorus's are different, but the familiarity is very evident. "Call" and "Scared" smooth things out a bit, and do the best job of showcasing Ashanti's voice.

Ashanti includes some memorable moments, but after listening straight through the album doesn't leave a lasting impression. Few tracks really show Ashanti's skills, and these unfortunately reside mostly on the first half of the album. About halfway through something gets lost in the mix; Ashanti's voice seems weaker and less noticeable, and the instrumentals aren't quite as refined. Ashanti is perfect for some background vibe, best served while relaxing with someone special, it will definitely promote the right mood.
-Aug-2002 10:00 PM

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1. Intro
2. Foolish
3. Happy
4. Leaving (Always on Time Part II)
5. Narrative Call (Skit)
6. Call
7. Scared
8. Rescue
9. Baby
10. Voodoo
11. Movies
12. Fight (Over Skit)
13. Over
14. Unfoolish
15. Shi Shi (Skit)
16. Dreams
17. Thank You