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The Pillage
label: Sony
released: 03.24.98
our score: 4.0 out of 5.

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The Family Grows
by: tom reiter

The newest member of the Wu-Tang Clan has already put out his solo effort.  Cappadonna flexes his skills on The Pillage.  He already has three hits off of it, and if he releases more, I'm sure they'll be hits too.  "Slang Editorial," the first track, is one of these hits. It's about Donna's plight to get into the Clan, "one thirty, Cappuccino the great, sittin' at the table where the Gambinos ate. Buildin' Wu-Tang Clan concentrate, bounce on a track Donna crack it like a safe..."  The next two tracks are also hits off the debut.  "Pillage" featuring Killa Bamz and "Run" are both good tracks. 

"Supa Ninjaz" featuring U-God and Method Man is one of the better songs.   It brings their veteran talent in.   Another phat song is "Splish-Splash," which has a more offbeat feel.   The only downside to this song is it is only 2 minutes long.

A few tracks later comes my second favorite track, "Dart Throwing."  It features two seasoned vets, Raekwon and Method Man.  With their talent and Cappadonna’s, this track is butta.  Cappa even includes a ‘love’ song, "Young Hearts."  It features Blue Raspberry on vocals.  My favorite song on the cd is "Pump Up Ya Fist."   It’s simple but it rocks.  Cappadonna’s lyrical talents really shine on this track, which also features Tekitha.

For a debut album, The Pillage has a lot of tracks, and almost every one of them is tight.
04-Apr-1998 11:10 PM

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1. Slang Editorial
2. Pillage
3. Run
4. Blood On Blood War
5. Supa Ninjaz
6. MCF
7. Splish Splash
8. Oh-Donna
9. Milk The Cow
10. South Of The Border
11. Check For A Nigga
12. Dart Throwing
13. Young Hearts
14. Everything Is Everything
15. Pump Your Fist
16. Black Boy