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The Eminem Show
label: Interscope
released: 05.26.02
our score: 4.0 out of 5.0

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Life Is No Longer Empty
by: tom reiter

After all the controversy, lawsuits, and drama seemed to have settled, Eminem drops his latest bomb, The Eminem Show to stir things back up. But there is a clear separation from his previous albums.

The Eminem Show is exactly what its title suggests, an insight into Marshall Mather's mind. Extremely self-centered, The album reflects on the events that have impacted Eminem's life; his broken home ("Cleaning Out My Closet"), fame and popularity ("Say Goodbye Hollywood" and "When The Music Stops"), his relationship with his ex-wife Kim, and his status in the music industry ("Say What You Say").

The biggest impression on his life is expressed in a heartfelt song for his daughter ("Hailie's Song") on which he sings his love, and is reminiscent of his last rap ballad
"Stan" from The Marshall Mathers LP. "Hailie's Song" truly makes the listener experience Marshall's feelings of happiness for the blessing of his daughter are true and deep.

Eminem doesn't make himself the only target on "The Eminem Show", however. He still squeezes in his shots on who he thinks deserves it, blasting America for it's hypocrisy ("White America"), and his critics ("Without Me"). Unfortunately this is where Eminem's ignorance is evident, ripping on the likes of Moby who still produces influential music (and it's not techno, like Eminem thinks).

Emimen proves he is still one the best rappers around, and the production from Dr. Dre parallels his skills. But over the course of the The Eminem Show a little repetitiveness comes through. The idea that Eminem is strong, a soldier of sorts, is a common theme on tracks like "Squaredance," "Soldier," and "Till I Collapse."

Nonetheless, The Eminem Show is the best album as a whole put forth by Eminem thus far. It will keep you bobbing your head and leave catchy refrains in your memory. If you question whether you like Eminem or not, "The Eminem Show" will sway you towards being a fan.
-Jun-2002 4:00 PM

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If you liked The Eminem Show...

1. Curtains Up (skit)
2. White America
3. Business
4. Cleanin' Out My Closet
5. Squaredance
6. The Kiss (skit)
7. Soldier
8. Say Goodbye Hollywood
9. Drips
10. Without Me
11. Paul Rosenberg (skit)
12. Sing For The Moment
13. Superman
14. Hailie's Song
15. Steve Berman (skit)
16. When The Music Stops
17. Say What You Say
18. 'Till I Collapse
19. My Dad's Gone Crazy
20. Curtains Close (skit)