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Buy Souled Separately

The Feenom Circle
Souled Separately
label: melatone music
released: 02.25.03
our score: 2.5 out of 5.

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Well On Their Way
by: tom reiter

Continuing in the same vein of West Coast innovators such as The Nonce, The Pharcyde, The Boogiemonsters, and Aceyalone, The Feenom Circle casually release their EP Souled Separately. Strong poetry, flow that fits in a cipher or on stage, and tight kicks characterize this class of album.

While their feel may be somewhat dated, the collective that is Feenom is by no means out of style. True West Coast hip-hop maintains the same basic structure as it has since the mid '90's, and Feenom uses this as a medium to project. Grass roots samples and relaxed jazz beats are still the basis for most of the tracks on Souled Separately. Plug in some insightful lyrics and you've got a solid status-quo hip-hop album.

While Souled Separately is no longer underground by today's standards, is definitely not mainstream hip-pop or rap. But it IS a solid dose of West Coast hip-hop.
26-Aug-2003 10:47 PM

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