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Buy Still Standing

Goodie Mob
Still Standing
label: BMG / Airsta / LaFace
released: 04.07.98
our score: 4.5 out of 5.

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All Dey do is Dis?
by: tom reiter

Most of ya’ll should remember the smooth beats and and laid back style of Goodie Mob’s debut Soul Food. Now Goodie Mob returns with their sophomore effort Still Standing. The second album from the Atlanta, Georgia quartet comes with a little more energy and a slightly different style. Overall it adds a bit more edge to the rapping and a more off-beat style, while still using laid back samples and guitars. When put together you can’t help bobbin your head.

Like Soul Food, Still Standing is laced with positive messages, and calls attention to problems in the hood that need fixing. This is evident in "Beautiful Skin." This song tells women they should respect their bodies and their appearance, because it is hard for men to respect them when it doesn’t appear that they respect themselves.

Goodie Mob gets heavy on "Just About Over." This track uses a ‘heavy metal’ type chord, giving the song a harder edge and heavier feel. It isn’t fast, but it is deep.

While including hits like "They Don’t Dance (No Mo’)." The cd also includes bumpin’ tracks like "Ghetto-ology," which has tight off-beat rappin and beats, and "See You When I See You," which is higher energy and sweet refrains.
-Apr-1998 10:00 PM

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1. The Experience
2. Black Ice
3. Fly Away
4. The Damm
5. They Don't Dance No Mo
6. Beautiful Skin
7. Gutta Butta
8. Distant Wilderness
9. Green Green
10. I Refuse Limitation
11. See You When I See You
12. Inshallah
13. Just About Over
14. Still Standing
15. (untitled - hidden track)