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You Can't Resist
label: restless records
released: 08.22.00
our score: 2.0 out of 5.0

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Classic R&B
by: tom reiter

Jessica is a young, engergetic woman trying to enter the highly competitive r&b genre. With thousands of artists trying to make it big, it's very hard to stick out from the pack. Unfortunately, Jessica's debut album, You Can't Resist, doesn't quite have that "something" to make it stick out.

You Can't Resist is primarily centered around the classic r&b theme of love. Jessica's sultry voice is a perfect match for this, and is best demonstrated on tracks like "I Can Make You Love Again" and "Get To Know Me." Also, as club music is making itself popular by bridging the gap between pop and dance by remixing r&b hits, one of the more interesting tracks is a club mix of "Get Up."

You Can't Resist is a respectable first attempt from someone who has a bright future in the recording industry. With a little stronger material Jessica has a chance to make it.
08-Aug-2002 11:00 PM

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1. You Can't Resist
2. I Gotta Do It Right
3. Get Up
4. Don't Give A Damn
5. Ain't Worth My Kinda Lovin
6. I Can Make You Love Again
7. Get To Know Me
8. You Don't Need Him
9. Are You The One?
10. Where Are We Now?
11. Thank You My Lord
12. Get Up (Remix)