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label: Interscope
released: 07.22.03
our score: 4.0 out of 5.0

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Mya's Got Us Like... Wo
by: john reed

Mya’s third release, Moodring, has been an anticipated one. Since coming off as a Brady/Monica wanna be on her eponymous debut Mya (in ‘98), she matured quite a bit by the time Fear Of Flying came out in 2000. Not the mention her participation in the scorching “Lady Marmalade” posse cut from Moulin Rouge, as well as lap dance she laid on Carson Daly at his MTV roast a few weeks back.

OK, so evidently Mya knows she’s hot and apparently wants us all to think so too. She even goes so far as to inject lyrics as “My sex is like...wo/My ass is like...wo" into the not-so-subtle first single, “My Love Is Like...Wo." Yes, the song as a slow-jam is a winner with a sensual delivery from Mya that will get the guys worked up and give the female Sex and The City fans another anthem.

But Mya doesn’t stop there: she is sly on "Step," plays the coquette on the funky "No Sleep Tonight," yet turns around and becomes very touching on “Take a Picture,” a tribute to her deceased comrades Aaliyah and TLC’s Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

Borrowing a very important page from the Janet handbook, she employs the services of the production extraordinaire’s Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who show that their magic is just not suited to the youngest Jackson as their "Anatomy 1 on 1" is possibly the strongest cut on the extraordinary Moodring.

Unfortunately, her acclaimed performance in Chicago has lead Mya to consider future acting roles as she has signed on to be in the ultimate chick flick - Dirty Dancing’s sequel, Havana Nights. Chicago was one thing….but a Dirty Dancing sequel??? Let’s see the color of peoples “moodring’s” when they catch what is sure to be a catastrophe. My God…did we learn nothing from Grease 2???
17-Aug-2003 9:20 AM

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