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Proof + Dogmatic = Promatic
label: koch / contra music
released: 08.27.02
our score: 3.0 out of 5.

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Can I Have Some 'Shrooms?
by: tom reiter

Promatic is the collaboration of two Detroit well-knowns, Proof (of D12) and Dogmatic (formerly K-Stone). What started as a single-track project for the battle-rapper Proof, featuring Dogmatic, eventually grew into a complete LP.

The D12 influence / attitude is heavy, both lyrically and instrumentally. But Dogmatic brings experience and style to the project. The combination of the comical, jaunty Proof and the eerily Ice Cube-like Dogmatic make for some interesting results.

Much of the album is average at best filler, but there are a few tracks that make the album worthwhile. "313000" showcases Dogmatic, who is the better rapper of the two (at least in album format), and is something of a autobiography. But tracks like "Take No Shorts," "Do What I Wanna Do," and "Tear This Bitch Up" define what the project is all about, and allow Proof to show his talent as well. "Do What I Wanna Do" is a playful take on their younger days where they began honing step off attitudes. "Tear This Bitch Up" is the track that brought Proof and Dogmatic together.

Promatic will make you want to grab a bag of 'shrooms and tell the world to f*ck off. The best tracks will have you skipping the others looking for another chance to trip, Promatic-style.
07-Jan-2003 4:00 PM

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1. The Adventure Begins
2. Everyday
3. City Of Boom
4. 313000
5. Take No Shorts
6. Feels Good
7. Lesbian
8. Life
9. Do What I Wanna Do
10. Tear This Bitch Up
11. Ecstasy
12. Change Of Hoe
13. Got Yo Bitch
14. Dirtiest Grimiest
15. Long Road
16. Graduation