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Wot One
label: Zaman Records
released: 05.31.07
our score: 2.5 out of 5.0

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Take out the whining and this is a winner!
by: Tim Wardyn

I’ve heard a lot of different music and often with new music (or at least music that is new to me), I can reference it to something else that I’ve heard. But once in a great while something comes along that sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before.


Enter Mala.


Their debut "Wot One" has two of the most innovative songs I’ve ever heard and the inspiration comes from someplace no one would expect: jug bands. Does this translate into something worth listening to? Not really.


"Daddy" utilizes a jug to get the bass sound and keep the steady beat. The track is absolutely annoying however because vocalist Mala Papachan tries way too hard to sound like a whiney 10-year-old. Her voice isn’t that bad, but you just want to punch her in the throat when she’s whining about her daddy. It’s just like when you are at a store and you hear that one child screaming because she didn’t get whatever it is that she wanted. That’s what Mala sounds like.


So why would you want to voluntarily listen to this? I don’t know. I wouldn’t. There is one reason to get this six-song EP: Conengitetis.


What is "conengitetis?" It’s a fear of those spiffy orange road cones that signify the rise in blood pressure for most drivers. And Mala thought that it needed to be addressed in a song that is so quirky and bizarre that it must be heard. It sounds a lot like "Master of the House from the musical "Phantom of the Opera," with a kazoo.


The rest of the EP is decent, but not great. "How I Wonder Who You Are" is a beautifully toned-down acoustic gem that stretches Mala’s vocal range, but is still worthy of a listen. The two dance mixes of "People Believe" are average at best, while "Ride the Sky" is a perfect pop number that would fit nicely on Top 40 radio.


"Wot One" is one bizarre EP. From radio-friendly to dance floor to acoustic to kazoos to jug bands, this is one of the most versatile groups around. Now if only Mala could focus her voice on being just a little more grown up, then this would be something to write home about.


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