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Buy En La Cumbre

Polo Urías y Su Maquina Norteña
En La Cumbre

label: Fonovisa
released: 08.10.04
our score: 3.5 out of 5.0
buy it: here

download Polo Urías y Su Maquina Norteña lyrics and sheet music
Deceptively Simple Mexican Pop
by: matt cibula

If you ever hear this sometime, you'll probably think it's trivial nice cutesy Mexipop without a brain in its head and you'll dismiss it. You'll be wrong to do so for a few reasons, which I will break down for you right now.

First off, it's tighter than 10th grade jeans. His band is not called His Norteño Machine for nothing-the picture inside the record tells the story: they dress alike, their facial hair is alike, every note is perfect. God help anyone who screws up a note; I doubt very seriously that Polo Urías suffers fools lightly. All norteño singers look like they're tough guys, and he's no exception. This is a band that can negotiate all sorts of northern Mexican music, heavy on the accordion, through all the twists and turns thrown at them by the songwriters.

Secondly, Urías is a great singer. He's not exactly Placido Domingo, but this isn't exactly opera. Norteño and banda are not difficult musics, but they do require that someone be able to croon pretty well and sound sincere while doing it, and he performs on both accounts. There are some nice harmony moments on slow jamz like "Mi Amor Se Fue" and "Que No Daría." He handles himself well enough on the uptempo stuff too; his leaps into the upper register on "Para Que Me Fingiste" are kind of awe-inspiring. He's been doing this since 1974, he ain't playing around here.

And, third, you just can't dismiss an album in any genre of music when it's done perfectly. En La Cumbre isn't cutting-edge in the least, nor will it be on anyone's top ten lists at the end of the year. But if you're looking for a record that defines everything about norteño and/or banda music in the year 2004, stop looking. You've found it. Now enjoy it.

Because you will enjoy it. This is not fancy-person art-snob let's-discuss-semiotics music, this is not angry prove-yrself music, this is not music by and for machines. It's simple music for good times and cold beers and hot salsa. It's music that you might want to have on if the cute person in the cowboy hat feels like two-stepping. And it sounds great in the car.
12-Oct-2004 10:06 PM

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